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This is my old Supercomputing Institute web page and is presented here for historical purposes only. It is not maintained. My last day working for the Supercomputing Institute was 6/1/2000

What do I do?
Where do I do it?
How can you contact me?
Getting Help at the Institute
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What do I do?

Me working on a 96-Processor Origin2000I currently manage large Silicon Graphics (SGI) Origin2000 systems for the University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute for Digital Simulation and Advanced Computation. The Institute has a 62-processor Origin2000 with R12000 processors. We also have a 24-processor and an 8-processor Origin2000. These systems are housed in the Institute's Origin2000 Laboratory. In addition, we have two 4-processor R12000 Origin200 compute servers in the Basic Sciences Computing Laboratory. I also help manage SGI graphics workstations, SGI servers, Sun workstations, Windows NT machines, machines running Linux, and IBM RS6000 workstations located in Institute labs on campus. In addition, I assist in managing our IBM SP.

Essentially, I am a UNIX Systems Administrator. I have extensive experience with Silicon Graphics machines and Linux workstations. I also have experience with many other flavors of UNIX machines.

Where do I do it?

I work at the University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute. The Institute has several labs on campus. My office is located in the Supercomputer Center. The address follows.

96-Processor Origin2000
Erik Jacobson
Univ. of MN Supercomputing Institute
1200 Washington Ave South
Minneapolis MN 55415

How can you contact me?

Work Email:
Personal Email:
Work Phone: 612.624.0532

Getting help at the Supercomputing Institute?

Back side of a 96-Processor Origin2000There are several ways to get help on Supercomputing Institute systems. They include:

Help line phone number: 612.626.0802
World Wide Web:
Please see the Institute web pages for more information.

A link to the web site at my home.

I have a Linux box on the net. This machine is where I send my personal mail, and I have a few friends who use the system for email and news. On this web site, I have also posted my resume and other personal information. Please take a look.

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