Pictures from Grand Meadow, MN

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Grand Meadow, Minnesota is a small town in South East Minnesota. The town has around 2000 residents.

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The next seven pictures were taken on July 18th, 1999. This picture shows a grain elevator that was in town.
Another elevator
A small gas station.
This pictures shows the site of an old water tower. I don't know the story, but it appears they built a new water tower in another part of town. They left the structure of this old tower in place, minus the tank.
This is a picture of an old house. I believe it is abandoned. I found it curious so I took a picture.
This is another angle of the same house.
Why take a dark picture of power lines? For some reason, dark black and white photos of power lines with transformers have always given me a strange sinking feeling in the bottom of my stomach.